About Me

An innovative soul.

Building an automated world

A few apps at a time.

Starting on CBM64, using technology has come natural to me. Based on a civil engineering degree, I now have more than 15 years of hands-on experience working in the software industry.

  • Successful entrepreneur
  • Knowledge of a range of technologies within the Java ecosystem
  • Good at understanding and taking advantage of new technologies and processes
  • Knowledge and experience from multiple roles within the ecosystem, including security
  • Hands-on experience from new media, transport, public and banking sectors
  • More than 200k combined Android application installs - just for the fun of it
  • Performance-enhancing open-source contributions for mission-critical projects

Fun fact: I have an identical twin brother!

My Skills and experience

Some highlights.

Integration Solutions

Mule ESB, Apache Camel and Spring using SOAP and REST resources.

Business Process Modelling

BPMN 2.0 process engines like Camunda and ActiveVOS.

Big Data and the Cloud

Openshift, Kubernetes, EC2 and various technologies like MongoDB and gRPC.

Mobile Applications

Experienced with Android and (some) iOS development. Expert in NFC.

Security and identity

OWASP, IAM / OIDC, Keycloak, Auth0 and various crypto technologies.

Open source

Hosts and contributes to various projects, also on behalf of clients.

Technical Skills

I have experience from all steps of technical product realization, from idea and requirements to design and architecture, implementation, functional- and performance-testing, deployment and maintenance.

I believe in automation and self-service, not only for the end-users but in the software development process itself.

For a more extensive list of skills (keywords), I suggest you visit my LinkedIn, Stackoverflow or Github user account.

100% Complete
Java 100%
90% Complete (success)
Internet standards 90%
100% Complete (info)
Open source 100%
90% Complete (warning)
Continous integration 90%
50% Complete (danger)
Web development 50%
75% Complete
Security 75%


Projects come and go, some stay in your heart forever.
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Sportyer AS


Full-stack developer at Entur.

Android frontend / Kubernetes Java backend.





Infrastructure and security for municipal integration- and self-service platform.

Security / DevSecOps at Entur.



Greenbird Integration Technlogies

Senior Developer & Consultant

ESBs and BPM engines in the banking and electric power sectors.



Antares Gruppen

Senior System Consultant

Mobile banking, open source projects.



Adactus / Vizrt

Senior Developer and Architect - New Media Technologies

Development of various modules for automated media distribution.

Vizrt acquires Adactus in the summer of 2010 for 30MNOK.




Co-founder / CTO

Creating innovative products for video distribution to mobiles - working day and night.

Part time PhDs student for a year, but quit to focus on building a successful business.



Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Civil Engineer in Electronics and Telecommunications.

Part time student assistant (beer money) / UKA-01.



Norwegian Armed Forces


Initial compulsory military service.